We make our gelato fresh daily!

We have up to 30 delicious flavours rotating in our cafe.  This includes our famous Mango Gelato. Other crowd favourites are our rich chocolate, creamy caramel espresso crunch and our zesty lemon.


We are often asked...What is Gelato?


Gelato is simply the Italian word for ice-cream!  Although there are a couple of key differences between the Italian style gelato and ice-cream.


Firstly, gelato is made with milk not cream, meaning it contains significantly less fat than ice-cream.  So you can feel a lot less guilty enjoying that extra scoop!


Secondly, gelato has much higher density than ice-cream, as it is churned at a slower speed so it contains about 50% less air. 

This results in a richer, creamier taste.


Gelato is also less solidly frozen, giving it a smoother texture and enhancing the taste as it melts in your mouth.


We also provide a variety of allergy free and dairy free options that are just as delicious!